Harborview to Represent Bayer ForwardFarming in the U.S.

July 3, 2018

Farmers are known for being solid, traditional, and for having a steady hand at the wheel. All admirable qualities. But as farming gets tougher and more complex, we are in need of something more. 

That's why we are working with Bayer Crop Science to bring some game-changing new ideas to farming. How? By approaching farming as a creative endeavor, exploring new techniques, and connecting dots in new ways that others aren't willing to try. And by searching for better ways to make things work by being courageous enough to try new things that don't always work. So while others might confine themselves in boxes like "environmentalist" or "technologist" or "traditionalist", we are all three and more, pioneering new techniques for totally new kinds of farms that can bring all of these priorities together. 

By choosing to implement sustainable farming practices and reaching out to the community, we have proven that we are committed to the future of sustainable agriculture and look forward to joining the eleven European and South American farms that have joined the initiative. By representing the United States, Harborview will serve as a place to demonstrate and discuss sustainable farming practices that will impact not only our region but regions around the globe that seek to produce high quality products in addition to sustaining both their ecosystems and communities through environmental and social responsibility. We believe that farmland isn't a commodity to be used up, it's a canvas on which to create something new, meaningful, and effective. And we'll continue working hard to see what new things we can discover with it. 

Sara Lowe