Update on Deep Rooted Cover Crops Study

Cereal rye test plot emerging after being planted 13 days ago.

Last week, we finished planting the final test plot for the deep rooted cover crops research being done in coordination with Dr. Ray Weil of the University of Maryland. The study includes comparing the just-planted cover crop mix (Charlotte) with the rest of the cover crops planted 2 weeks prior. More information on the initial planting can be found here. 

Pictured in the foreground is the emergence of the Charlotte mix planted 13 days ago (9/11). In the background, the same Charlotte mix is currently being planted (9/24).

Shown here is the emergence of the Tillage Radish planted 13 days ago.

Greg operating the cover crop drill.


Shown here is the layout of the test plot, which is being replicated three times. Different colors are associated with different cover crops. The percentages indicate the various levels of nitrogen to be applied.