Sassafras River Association Panel Discussion

Recently, the Sassafras River Association hosted a panel discussion in Kennedyville, MD to talk about balancing agriculture and environmentalism. Trey Hill of Harborview Farms participated in the panel discussions as well as other local farmers and environmentalists. The event was covered by The Kent County News, and click here to view their article regarding the panel discussion.

Here are some of Trey's thoughts on agriculture and environmentalism as excerpted from The Kent County News article:

Photo Credit:  Daniel Divilio

Photo Credit:  Daniel Divilio

[When asked about aerial spraying on fields, Hill, of Harborview Farms in Rock Hall, said most such applications are pesticide and fungicide treatments. He said in sensitive areas, he prefers using ground placement.

“If you watch them, the chemical placement is actually extremely accurate,” Hill said of aerial sprayers.

Hill said his corn fields always have some excess nitrogen at the end of the season. He said Harborview uses cover crops after the season to take up the excess nutrients.

“The problem we’ve had up until now for the most part is we’re putting the same amount of nitrogen everywhere,” Hill said.]

Click below to read the entire article written by Daniel Divilio and featured in The Kent County News.  
Farmers talk balancing agriculture and environmentalism.