Kent County Democratic Club Forum

In July, the Kent County Democratic Club hosted an hour-long forum discussing agriculture. Trey Hill, along with another local farmer and a representative from DuPont, answered questions from the audience. The event was covered by The Kent County News; click here to view their article regarding the forum.

Here are some of Trey's thoughts on the difficulty of the agriculture industry as excerpted from The Kent County News:

Photo Credit: Peter Heck

Photo Credit: Peter Heck

"Big farms like his are a capital-intensive proposition, Hill said. The up-front investment is a significant barrier for new farmers to get into the business, and there are continuing operating costs that make efficiency a must. But, he said, large and small farms should be able to coexist, since they fill different niches in the economy."

Trey also answered some questions about genetically modified organisms:

"Hill was asked about genetically modified organisms. He said he’s been growing them more than 20 years and that he doesn’t believe they’re bad. He said climate changes create a need for hardy crops that can produce enough food for an expanding population. Genetically modified crops have greater resistance to pests and diseases, he said. It’s one more way to get the most possible calories out of an acre, he said."

Click below to read the entire article written by Peter Heck and featured in The Kent County News.
Farmers talk difficulties of ag industry.