Kent County Community Breakfast Discussion

Recently, Harborview Farms made a presentation to the Kent County Community Breakfast Group talking about how high-tech agriculture is the new norm. The discussion topic was titled "Modern Farming Practices in Kent County." The event was covered by The Kent County News; click here to view their article on the topic.

We spoke about how technology is changing farming for the better, the difference between modern farming and earlier generations, and how technology is helping with environmental concerns.

Here are some excerpts from The Kent County News article:

Photo Credit: Jane Jewell

Photo Credit: Jane Jewell

"With GPS, accurate to a fraction of an inch, mounted on every piece of equipment, a farmer can calibrate fertilizer applications and watering with unprecedented accuracy, depending on the characteristics of soil in specific areas of a field. Soil sampling allows a farmer to determine those needs precisely, and computers allow the equipment to adjust nutrient application automatically. Modern farmers take nutrient management for granted — 'they’re all on board."

"Farmers in Maryland are more conscious of environmental concerns than their neighbors in many other states. While agriculture is a significant ingredient of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and other waterways, Maryland farmers are working hard to minimize their contribution to the problem, though they realize their input “will never be zero."

"Some of the techniques developed by organic farmers are now being applied on large farms. One such technique is the use of cover crops to reduce soil and nutrient runoff after crops are harvested. Compared to a forest, a farm is “an unnatural environment, especially if fields are left bare between crops. Cover crops reduce that difference by keeping the field green and the soil healthy after the main crops have been harvested."

Click below to read the entire article written by Peter Heck and featured in The Kent County News.
High-tech agriculture is the new norm.