Harborview Farms Open House

Harborview Farms recently held an open house to celebrate its new solar array and talk about its environmental conservation efforts. Daniel Divilio of The Kent County News recapped the open house in his recent article. Click here to read the entire article.

Here are some highlights and excerpts:

 Photo Credit:  Daniel Divilio

Photo Credit:  Daniel Divilio

[Hance said the Hill family has taken many steps on the farm to help the environment and the latest, the solar panels, will aid in cutting down Harborview's dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil. He said the family also is on its way to obtaining special certification for its efforts to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

“The Hills certainly could use the excuse that 'We're too big to do that.' And they haven't done that. They've been very proactive and up front about it,” he said.

Alison Prost, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Maryland executive director, thanked the Hills for hosting the open house and showing how farming, the economy and the environment can all work together. She said it is the farming community that has reduced nutrient and sediment pollution by 50 percent.

“At the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, we often say a well-managed farm is the best land use that we can have in the bay watershed, and I think that we're all here on a property that exemplifies that,” she said.

Hill said his family's recent purchase of the organic Colchester Farm will complement the Harborview operation. He said such small organic operations assist with educating people on agriculture and healthy eating.

“I think that we can work together. I think that we can both be in the same agricultural society together and coexist. I don't view them as my primary competition,” Hill said.]

Click below to read the entire article written by Daniel Divilio and featured in The Kent County News.
Open house highlights farmers helping the bay.