Discussing Precision Farming with Planet Forward

Harborview Farms has been working with Gabe Salkin and Mel McIntire of Planet Forward at George Washington University to discuss precision farming and sustainable agriculture. The finished article and accompanying video were posted on Planet Forward's website. Click here to read the entire profile. 

Here are some excerpts from the article:

Photo Credit:  Planet Forward

Photo Credit:  Planet Forward

[Harborview is run by Trey Hill, a third generation farmer who has taken on the challenges of modern industrial agriculture by working with environmentalists in order to make his farm more sustainable while still increasing yields.

Trey doesn’t call this sustainable farming, “Rather than sit here and argue about definitions […] why not just say ‘responsible agriculture’ […] which I view as just being more knowledgeable in everything.  I know what I’m doing, I know why I’m doing it and I have a reason for doing it.”  Trey’s methods have spread, with Harborview managing over 40 farms across the county.  His yields are up, his costs are down, and his crops are grown in a responsible way for the future.]

Click below to read the entire article written by Gabe Salkin and Mel McIntire.
Precision Farming at Harborview Farms.