Our electric grain system increases our efficiency and reduces fossil fuel usage

 grain drying system

Our grain system stores over a million bushels of grain. The elaborate system of elevators and silos is powered almost entirely by solar power, making it more environmentally friendly. The system uses a grain dryer to dry harvested grain down to the desired moisture level. Grain dryers typically use a lot of nonrenewable energy, such as propane, to accomplish the drying process. 

In April 2013, we replaced our 35-year-old inefficient grain dryer. The new grain dryer has annually saved 3,200 kWh of electricity and 32,000 gallons of propane. This means that our amount of propane consumption has been reduced by 23%.

The Kathleen A.P. Mathias Agriculture Energy Efficiency Program helped assist us in the installation of our more-efficient grain dryer. Our efficient grain dryer has helped us achieve our goal of minimizing our use of fossil fuels.

 grain drying system
This new grain dryer is the latest step in our path to energy independence.
— Trey Hill, Owner
 grain drying bins