Colchester Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a small-scale, organic farm that grows fresh local produce.

Harborview Farms supports small-scale, organic farming practices through its ownership of Colchester Farm, located in Georgetown, MD.

Colchester Farm produces a wide range of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit for approximately 160 shareholders, the  Chestertown Farmers' Market , Kent Island Farmers' Market, and local restaurants.

Community Supported Agriculture is a mutually beneficial partnership between local farmers and community members in which shareholders make an investment to fund the farm's operations and in return receive a weekly share of freshly harvested produce. 

Produce grown at colchester farm

Colchester Farm's farming practices really complement Harborview's large, grain operation. Small organic operations like Colchester assist with educating people on agriculture and healthy eating. At Harborview Farms, we believe that both small and large, organic and non-organic agriculture operations can be in the same agriculture society together and coexist.

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Video and images courtesy of Colchester Farm and Chris Metzloff.

Photo Credit:  Colchester Farm

Photo Credit:  Colchester Farm